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only by purchasing a brand new quote will you qualify for cashback

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Earn 2900 points

Offer ends 11 April 2023

What will stop me earning points?
  • You must go straight from the Rewards4Cricket website through to the GoCompare website home insurance page, generate a BRAND NEW QUOTE and purchase your home insurance policy immediately.
  • Please note quotes are not eligible for cashback.
  • Points will only be rewarded if GoCompare are able to link your purchase to the Rewards4Cricket website. This means you must:
  1. Log into your Rewards4Cricket account
  2. Click from Rewards4Cricket directly to the GoCompare website home insurance page: and
  3. Generate a brand new quote and make your purchase immediately (meaning in the same session and without exiting your browser)
  • Editing or using a previously saved quote from your GoCompare account will not track.
  • If you, or your insurer, cancel your policy before cashback is deposited in your Rewards4Cricket account, then you will not be eligible to receive cashback.

Points will be paid into your Rewards4Cricket account within 150-180 days of your policy purchase date, and once GoCompare is able to verify a qualifying purchase. Quotes that do not convert to a policy will be declined after 150 days of being generated

  • Please ensure that no cookie blockers are being used when purchasing through Rewards4Cricket/GoCompare to ensure your transaction is tracked correctly. Failure to do so may mean your transactions goes untracked and it may be deemed not eligible for cashback

About GoCompare Home Insurance

You can collect points with GoCompare Home Insurance a new valid insurance policy purchase. See the rates table below for more information.

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